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Detailed Instructions

University of Calgary students, faculty and staff may submit their picture to use on their Unicard. In order to have your Unicard card ready for you upon your arrival, please submit a color photo showing a full front view of your head and shoulders according to the requirements shown on this site.

By submitting this photo for your Unicard you agree this photo may be used by University of Calgary. Please contact the Unicard Office at 403.220.7290 or unicard@ucalgary.ca if you have questions about this policy.

To begin, click on the “Upload Photo” button located at the upper right.

Step 1-Take Your Photo
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Your Unicard is an important piece of identification. It must follow the specifications below. Photos that do not meet these specifications will not be accepted.

If you are taking your photo yourself with a smartphone, tablet, or webcam, when you take the picture make sure you are looking directly at your camera lens, and not at the image of your face on the screen.

The above photos represent acceptable photos. Please use the following guidelines to ensure your photo is acceptable. Great Unicard photos:

When taking your photo, please use the following as guidelines to ensure your photo is accepted:

  • Are well lit and in focus.
  • Have not been edited or retouched.
  • Are against a plain neutral background.
  • Contain you and only you.
  • Are taken with head and shoulders facing the camera.
  • Leave blank space for us to crop as needed.
  • Have a smile!

Detailed examples can be seen here.

STEP 2- Upload Your Photo
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Verify that your name and your ID are correct and then select a photo to upload. Click “Browse” to search your computer for your photo. Once you have selected the file, press the ‘next’ button to upload your photo.

STEP 3- Edit Your Photo
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If you need to, you can use this online tool to crop or resize your photo. After you have finished, you will be able to compare your photo with a sample provided. When you are satisfied with your photo, continue to Step 4. You may also choose to remove the file and start over with a new photo. 

STEP 4- Preview Your Photo
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Preview and compare your photo with the sample photo provided. Click on the radio button that answers the following question:

Does your photo format look like the given example?

If you selected yes, continue to the next paragraph that explains your acceptance and understanding of submitting your photo using this online tool:

Click on the box that says “Submit Photo”. This will upload your photo to be reviewed and printed onto your new card.

Step 5-Finalize
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If your photo has been uploaded successfully, the confirmation message shown below will appear.

"Thank you for using the University of Calgary Unicard online photo submission system. Your photo has been successfully uploaded. To view the status of your photo upload, you can use the "Check Status" link above at any time."